Is there a bright future for you in Accounting and Taxation?

Definitely, the answer is YES!

Immense job opportunities are available in these fields. But, here comes the core question, “Is it possible to take advantage of such opportunities with just a Degree in Commerce? Is it possible to build a professional life we want with just a degree in Commerce?” NICaT transpires the answer. Indian Economy is the fastest growing economy and the opportunities for talents in Commerce are also at rapid growth. The economy demands working skills and practical knowledge from the aspirants. But the number of skilled and competent professionals available are not enough to satisfy the requirements of the current scenario. It is difficult to obtain the required job you want in the commerce field just with graduation in commerce. The curriculum of graduation courses in Kerala does not deal with that as required. But just finishing a degree in commerce, you cannot master all the requisites demanded by employers both private and government sectors. NICaT will help you with solving this deficit.

NICaT introduces many jobs oriented practical based courses to fill the paucity of working knowledge and technical skills required for obtaining high profile jobs in the commerce field. Let’s go through them



Value Additions by Courses of NICaT

Placement Support

After completing the courses, participants will be provided with potential interview and placement opportunities with leading organisations in national and international level. For those are willing to opt for self-employment, Institute will provide opportunity for thriving in the field by providing guidance and establishing customer relationships for one year.