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Goods and Service Tax Practitioner (GSTP)

GST law is a new and evolving indirect tax law in India. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Law provides for appointment of GST Practitioners to file GST returns and other related activities on behalf of taxpayers. Being a GST Practitioner will be an exciting career for commerce and business graduates and finance professionals to start off their occupation in the field of GST. The GST Practitioner is a person approved by the Central Government or State Government to perform Registration, Return Filing, Tax Consultation, payment and refund transactions, representations and other activities related to GST and functions as an adviser who provides services to the taxpayers through online or offline mode. In order to accomplish all the tasks, a GST Practitioner must have obtained a GST Practitioner Certificate before he starts his practice. Since GST is applicable for almost all sectors of the economy, the number of GST assesses are increasing day by day. There is a huge demand for GST Practitioners to carry out the requirements of expanding clientele.

NICaT is introducing GST Practitioner Course which will be suitable for the students who completed Graduation or Post Graduation in commerce or business streams. This course is carefully designed by GST professionals and industry experts that helps you to be an efficient practitioner in GST Law with hands on exposure. This course also offers a life time professional support in GST domain from the Institution. GST Practitioner Course is a Mid Term Course which covers all the relevant laws and regulations to be mastered to become a GST Practitioner as the Central, State and UT Goods and Service Tax Act, Integrated Goods and Service Tax Act, Goods and Service Tax (Compensation to States) Act, relied Rules, Notifications, Circulars and Orders issued from time to time. The medium of the course is English and Exams will be conducted by the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACIN) which is authorised to conduct the examination. It will be a computer based Multiple Choice Pattern Exam with time duration of two and half hours and the examination will be conducted in English and Hindi.


Tally is one of the most popular accounting software used in India. It is a complete ERP software for small and medium enterprises. Tally is a perfect business management solution and GST Software with an ideal combination of function, control and in-built customisability. Tally as a software has a very widen scope. It is the single most used software which has a penetration in each and every business segment and industries whether its manufacturing, trading, services, retail etc. Because of its popularity in all sectors, the demands of the Tally Professionals are also increasing these days. Tally accounting software has tremendous freelancer accountants job opportunities. Knowledge in Tally will always be considered as a value addition for any job in financial sector. Possible job opportunities for a Tally Professional are Tax Accountant, Financial Accountant, Accounts Manager, Accounts and Administration Executive, Project Assistant, MIS Executive, Finance Executive, Audit Executive, Inventory Control Executive, various posts in Banking field and so on. NICaT is introducing a complete Tally Course for Post Graduates, Graduates and Under graduate students which will be useful for their professional career. There are various levels of Tally Course which the aspirants can pursue depending upon their proficiency in Tally. The duration of the Course depends on the level of the Course. The Course covers different aspects of accounting in automated environment such as Fundamentals of Accounting, Accounting of day-to-day transactions, Inventory Management, Receivables and Payables Management, MIS Report Generation, Accounting of TDS, Banking and Payments, Tax Accounting, Payroll Administration etc. Examinations will be conducted by Tally Solutions, the makers of the Tally software. It will be a computer-based examination which will be conducted in authorised Tally Centres under the guidance of Tally Solutions. After passing the examination, Tally Solutions will issue certifications on Computerised Accounting and Tally.

Certificate in Financial Accounting

In order to cope with the increasing demand for Accountants with Practical ERP experience in India, NICaT has introduced a short-term Course – Certificate in Financial Accounting (CFA) for students who completed 10th or Equivalent and Under Graduates. CFA is a short-term certification course with 3 months duration. The students who have completed the 10th Class examination are eligible to take admission for CFA Course. It has two papers, Basics of Accounting and Computerised Financial Accounting with Tally. Along with that, the CFA curriculum contains industry-oriented Practical segments also. The medium of the course will be Malayalam and Exams will be conducted as two written papers of 100 marks each and a practical exam of 100 marks (Total 300 Marks). After successfully passing the exams, students will be awarded a certificate issued by SRC, Kerala, an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

CFA enables students to become well versed with the maintenance of accounts, documentation, and book keeping of transactions, accounting in an automated environment, ERP experience etc. This provides a wide range of opportunities to the students in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Multi-National Companies, and even in Government Sector.

Diploma in Computer Application

Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) is meant for students and professionals who would like to improve their skills and efficiency in computer applications. This course is visualized to inculcate knowledge on the basics of a computer with theory and practical for further learning and employability by improving their efficiency in the office automation and capability in online transactions and networking skills. This course helps to improve the overall computer efficiency and skills of employees working in different levels which lead to innovative action to improve the work output and the capacity and capability of students for effective practices that ensure academic up-gradation.

DCA is a six-month-long course with 45 days of contact classes. The students who have completed 10th the class examination is eligible to take admission for DCA Course. It consists of four papers, namely, Computer Fundamentals, MS Office, Adobe InDesign, C++ and Internet Technologies and Practical Sessions. Along with this, the Project segment consists of a formidable portion of the course to analyse the value addition obtained through the course. English will be the medium of the curriculum. There will be four papers for the exam including practical sessions, consisting 100 marks for each and a project work and related evaluation with 100 marks for the completion of the course. By successfully completing the exams and project, students will be awarded with a certificate issued by SRC, Kerala, an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. This course is approved by PSC & UPSC.

Diploma in Financial Accounting

Diploma In Financial Accounting (DFA) introduced by National Institute of Commerce and Technology, will fill the deficit of practical training for the students and provide the requirements for being recruited as a professional. The system is developed to provide sufficient practical knowledge and to build technical skills in those students who completed Graduation or Post Graduation in Commerce in a short span of time at an advanced level. It gives a detailed understanding of accounting, relevant Tax Laws, and other Statutory Compliances and the application of the same in Industry. The Programme is developed by Industrial experts and Qualified Professionals considering the quality and expertise demanded by the economy which elaborates the Accounting Principles and Practices, Direct Tax and Indirect Tax Rules and Regulations existing in India in a detailed manner.

SAP Finance and Controlling

• SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software by the same name as the company. The SAP is used in various businesses such as- Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Finance & Security, Education, Healthcare, Media, Oil & Gas, Life science, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals.
• Receive quality SAP training in real time projects and theoretical classes from the Industries top certified SAP consultants.
We are providing
• Hands on Training Sessions
• Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training Programmes
• SAP Career Guidance

Certificate in Word Processing

Word processing is the process of creating and editing documents on a computer. It allows a user to create documents that mimic the format and style of a typical typewriter. It requires a computer and word processing software. A printer may also be used to create a physical copy of the document. By successfully completing the exams and project, students will be awarded with a certificate issued by SRC, Kerala, an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. This course is approved by PSC & UPSC.

Certificate in Data Entry Operation

Data entry is the inputting of data or information into a computer using input devices, such as a keyboard, scanner, disk, and voice. By successfully completing the exams and project, students will be awarded with a certificate issued by SRC, Kerala, an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. This course is approved by PSC & UPSC.

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